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The principal investigator agrees that no employees will be hired to work on their grant until they have been verified with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), excluded from the non-excluded or suspended party registration system. If the employee has a change of status and meets any of the conditions set out in points 1 to 4 above, he must immediately inform the lead auditor and the accounting office for grants. When a lead auditor submits their checklist for a new proposal, a question is asked in the “Additional Information” section asking if the principal investigator has been suspended or excluded. A negative answer means that the IP: Exclusion – Exclusion from government procurement and subcontracting for a reasonable and specific period of time because a person or supplier did not provide the service or its performance was inadequate. It is the responsibility of the lead auditor to inform the Grant Audit Office of any non-compliance or change in their status during the application process and the subsequent duration of the project. In the absence of a declaration of non-compliance, the University signatory will report that all clients involved in an application for federal funds comply with the exclusion provisions. All persons and companies that are suspended or excluded are listed in the U.S. General Services Administration `GSA) Excluded Party Registration System (EPLS). The search can be done on www.sam.gov. Suspension – A temporary exclusion from public procurement and subcontracting as a company or individual is suspected of engaging in criminal, fraudulent or seriously inappropriate behaviour. The suspension shall be applied provisionally until the exclusion procedure.

Each time the university submits a proposal to the federal government, the organization`s authorized representative must complete a certificate attesting that the potential principal participant and its clients are not excluded or suspended. For the purposes of Wesleyan University, it has been determined that the directors are the Principal Investigators, the Research Staff, the Vice President of Finance, the Vice President of Finance, the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Assistant Vice-President and the President. Each year, the Office of Grant Accounting receives certification from the officers and administrative employees listed above that they meet the federal requirements by electronic correspondence. Exclusion and suspension are actions taken by the federal government against organizations or individuals who have committed fraud or a crime that violates federal law. Wesleyan University must confirm that employees who have been suspended, expelled, or charged with criminal activity are not authorized to administer federal funds on behalf of the university. .

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