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Change your filter regularly to keep your air clean. While this is important, it can be easy to forget. Let us remind you. Our contract customers can add optional filter coverage to their agreements. We ship the filter to your home in time for your regular maintenance appointment and install it for you. Learn more about our stress-saving housekeeping arrangements today. A.B. Can repair your leaking faucets, replace the valves, or install a completely new faucet for you. If you are a contract plumber, be sure to mention faucet issues to our customer service specialist when planning plumbing calls. A service fee covers all plumbing repairs per visit.

Weak or leaky faucets may seem like small problems, but keeping them in perfect condition can help save water. 2. What is maintenance? What is included varies from system to system. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions about your home and unit. Are you an A.B. Can the client agree? If this is the case, you will receive not only an oven setting every year, but also combined system maintenance. Instead of focusing solely on the stove, we look at your unit as a whole. Since many elements of your heating and cooling system work together and are used throughout the year, we look at everything with every tune-up. All contract customers receive two free combined system maintenance appointments per year.

If you are a contract customer, you can read what is included here. If you`re not yet a contract member, learn more about our stress-saving agreements today. To add filter replacement to your Gold, Silver or Bronze contract, please contact us today. Scheduling a maintenance appointment is the easiest way to improve the comfort, efficiency and service life of your system. By protecting your investment, you ensure that your system keeps you comfortable and safe, even in the most drastic temperatures. A plan to take care of your home can eliminate the sting of home repair. Our own professional and well-trained technicians perform every repair and provide you with a service you can trust. Our goal is to attract customers for life, so we strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with excellent customer service. DID YOU KNOW: Experts recommend setting aside 1% to 4% of your property`s value for home repairs each year. For example, common furnace repairs often cost between $300 and $1,800.

A home service plan is a great way to budget for these repairs. Our service plans and home warranties eliminate the financial sting of ordinary repairs that are almost always unexpected. -Less energy bills If an oven runs regularly, dirt and debris can build up in your system, forcing it to work harder to keep your home warm. Energy costs can increase over time, so you don`t realize how much efficiency you`ve lost. During maintenance, we clean and lubricate the moving parts of your system to reduce the energy your furnace needs to do its best. MERV 7-12: Better protection. These filters remove smaller particles such as bacteria, viruses, animal hair and dust mites. The EPA claims that this type of filter effectively contains most indoor air particles. They are also cheaper than real HEPA with similar performance.

In addition, they allow your system to have greater airflow and less noise than a real HEPA filter. A.B. May offers a variety of service plans for each owner. They give you a plan for preventive maintenance and repairs at home, so you`re good to go if a problem arises. Service plans are also a great solution for homeowners who want to avoid the high cost of unexpected repair bills. Finally, they help homeowners who prefer to work with a single, trustworthy company for all their home service needs. To purchase or renew a plan, please contact a customer service specialist at 913.383.2222 or customerservice@abmay.com. *If you purchased your Gold or Silver service plan before 2019, the preventive maintenance coverage is slightly different from the brochure link above. All other covers are the same.

Please write to us at serviceplans@abmay.com with your accommodation address if you would like a brochure for your specific grandfather plan. MERV 13-16: Maximum protection. These filters are usually found in hospitals and other sterile environments. They are so effective at filtering air particles that they can impede airflow unless they are in a specially designed system. Air filters are all rated from 1 to 16 on the MERV scale, depending on how they filter out the smallest particles such as pollen, dust mites, textile and carpet fibers, mold spores, dust, animal hair, bacteria, and tobacco smoke. All furnaces are equipped with a standard air filter to prevent particles from damaging the system. These filters are usually 1/2 to 1 inch thick, and if you replace them regularly, your system will work fine. Regular filter changes also bring health benefits by keeping dirt and debris out of the air in your home. 1.

What are the benefits of preventive maintenance? 3. When should furnaces be serviced? Ideally, you should schedule maintenance before the system works consistently (autumn and spring are best), but any time is the right time. Don`t hesitate with the interview – this could save you from major problems later on. -Clean the logs throughout your home to reduce dust and debris circulating in the air. The EPA has guidelines to help you choose the best filtration protection for your home. Adjust your current filter to the MERV values shown below. Do you want more protection? If you`d like to learn more about how one of our service plans can help you take care of your home, give us a call today. We can explain in detail the standard coverage, benefits and optional coverage options.

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