Ab May Bronze Agreement
17 enero, 2022

Unofficial Facebook pages emerged and filled the void when the official UAW Facebook pages did not provide frequent updates. The UAW then hired BerlinRosen, a professional public relations firm that published news and contract details. The UAW`s tentative agreement with General Motors is equivalent to the base salary increases obtained in a contract with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, but with the double signing bonus, up to $8,000 for some workers, and other increased payments. Just like the famous hug between FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne and Williams when contract negotiations began. The photos of this hug made the rounds of social media and were ridiculed by members. Salaries: Long-term employees hired before 2007 receive salary increases of 3% in the first and third year of the contract and lump sum bonuses of 4% in the second and fourth years. Quality Bonus: $500 in quality flat rates paid out of 15. November and every November 15 until the end of the new contract. Even temporary workers receive a $2,000 signing bonus, according to some highlights of the agreement posted on unofficial Facebook pages. The UAW is expected to officially release the terms tonight.

In the end, the parties avoided a strike and the UAW contracts brought big monetary gains and better benefits for workers at General Motors, Ford and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – all without a strike that would have been devastating for a booming industry. The UAW says it has secured $1.9 billion in new investments in U.S. plants, in addition to the $6.4 billion already announced in 2015. The new investments will create or maintain more than 3,000 jobs in 12 plants. A debate raged on the unofficial pages, most of them insulting the union leaders and the terms of the contracts they negotiated. It has become a place of misinformation on complex issues, as the union leadership has not made a clear statement. Members who tried to defend the agreements were often attacked themselves and soon the flow of comments was largely one-sided. “The consequence of the failure of the first ratification and the appearance of a much richer contract in version two encouraged GM and Ford workers to say reject the first, the second will be better,” Dziczek said.

The UAW`s deal with General Motors is similar, but in some ways much richer than the deal ratified last week by Fiat Chrysler workers. Here are some highlights of a summary of the contract, some of which were photographed and posted by several members on Facebook pages. The union should share the full summary with the media and members in the evening. New investments: $1.9 billion in new investments in U.S. plants in addition to the $6.4 billion already announced in 2015. The UAW`s first contract proposal with FCA was strongly contested by members who wanted a faster timeline for a higher salary scale and were wary of a proposal for a new health care co-op. It was the first national agreement to be rejected by autoworkers since 1982, and an all-time low for the UAW. Both sides returned to the table and reached a second treaty that was adopted. The FCA contract moves to a new, more complicated profit-sharing formula. “You`re not happy with the first contract you get,” Mary Finney, 43, said on the last day of the vote as she left her job at the Ford Truck Plant in Dearborn. “That`s why we call it negotiations.” Some workers wanted new recruits to reach the maximum faster.

They will see that their hourly wage will increase from a maximum of $19.28 in the old contract to $22.50 by 2019. The union`s contract with FCA included a gradual reduction of the wage gap between workers hired before and after October 2007, but new workers hired now will not reach parity with their older employees until another contract is concluded in the fall of 2019. Here are the main highlights of the UAW contract summary, as well as a list of factories that are expected to get new jobs over the next four years: Specifically, wages for entry-level workers will start at $17 per hour (up from $15.78 in the previous contract) and will be around $29 per hour in eight years or less. Previously, Level 2 production workers could not earn more than $19.28 per hour. GM`s contract could also maintain the current profit-sharing formula, which means $1,000 per worker for every billion dollars of GM`s pre-tax profit in North America during the calendar year. Last year, that was about $6,600 per employee, but the company added $2,400 to offset the impact of the cost of a record number of product recalls. The talks took place on the 20th. November ended spectacularly when General Motors and Ford announced the ratification of their four-year contracts. This happened eight months after the UAW`s negotiating convention in March with slogans such as “It`s our time” and “bridging the gap” to mobilize workers eager to abolish a two-tier wage system introduced in 2007. UAW President Dennis Williams and Cindy Estrada, vice president of the union`s General Motors division, will brief presidents and presidents of local companies on the contract this afternoon. These local union leaders will hold briefings in the coming days with 52,700 UAW workers voting to ratify or reject the agreement.

The union said in a summary of the agreement that the biggest challenge for the collective bargaining committee this year is to balance its goals of generating economic gains for workers with the desire to also attract investment in U.S. factories for new products. That was more than four months after the sun fell on the official handshake ceremonies that kicked off the formal phase of talks in July. That was 67 days after the old contracts expired and a day before Detroit`s first major snowfall. It was one of the longest rounds of UAW negotiations in recent times, during which Detroit expected three old and new workers whom a rich contract would make up for years of concessions and union leadership did not understand the importance of thousands of new recruits who were experiencing negotiations for the first time. End of two stages: The UAW`s preliminary 4-year contract with General Motors is equivalent to the base salary increases obtained in a contract with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Workers can earn up to $29 an hour after eight years or less, eliminating the two-tier wage structure. GM workers three years of age or older will reach the highest wage at the end of GM`s new contract. It was unclear whether GM`s 52,700 workers would receive the full $8,000 voice bonus.

In a contract negotiated by the UAW with FCA, workers hired before October 2007 must receive a ratification bonus of $4,000. Those hired after October 2007 will receive $3,000. These veteran UAW members work with new employees who do the same work for half the salary. This new entry-level class – those hired after 2007 – had never had negotiations before, had never fanned a shot on a picket line and, most importantly, was experiencing the good times of a booming automotive industry. Talks continued with GM, where workers were again divided: production workers voted yes; The craft voted no. The UAW and the company reviewed the terms and after two weeks, the agreement was declared ratified. That moment came just hours before Ford announced its own results: a squeak with 51.4% for him. Social media played a key role in the talks, becoming the main information forum for a new generation of workers who had not been to union halls in the past. Retirement incentives: Bonus of $60,000 for up to 4,000 production employees already employed between 1.

February and May 2016 can retire “I think it took a lot longer than necessary,” said Kristin Dziczek, director of the Task and Industry Group at the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor. The UAW-Ford deal passes and a new era begins for Detroit 3 “I think going to FCA meant putting a lot more emphasis on entry-level themes first,” she said. “I think it was a symptom of an ill-informed and untrusted membership,” Arthur Wheaton, a working professor at Cornell University, said of the lengthy ratification process. “I`m not sure the UAW handled this dynamic as well as they could have.” And all automakers are building more vehicles in Mexico, where labor costs are lower, in part because of a weak peso, and trade agreements make it a higher export base. Signing bonuses: GM workers receive the double signing bonus as fca (up to $8,000 for some GM workers). But the ratification process has been long and controversial. The angry workers knocked on social media and appeared to spoil themselves for a fight. Much of the hostility and mistrust has been directed against union leaders, and even now that workers are preparing to issue large signing bonuses, a whiff of frustration and mistrust remains.


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